6 Health benefits of Dates 6 Health benefits of Dates
Do you like dates? No, I’m not talking about the dates where you stare your other half in the eyes and smile sweetly at... 6 Health benefits of Dates

Do you like dates? No, I’m not talking about the dates where you stare your other half in the eyes and smile sweetly at each other.


I’m talking about dates, the fruit of palm trees.


Dates are not only tasty, they are also flavourful and enhances the taste of many dishes. In addition, they also provide a rich source of minerals, fibers, and vitamins. Never say no to dates, especially when they are so tasty and beneficial to our health! Start consuming at least 3 dates a day, and you’ll be able to tap into the following benefits:

1. Energy boost


Dates have a naturally sweet taste and are therefore rich in natural sugars such as glucose, fructose, and sucrose (66 grams per 100 gram serving). These make dates a perfect snack for some energy boost. However, do remember to cut down on other sugar intakes.

2. Improve digestion


Dates are rich in soluble fibers which helps to enhance our digestive system. The fibers draw water into the digestive tract, relieving constipation. These fibers also promote colon health and encourage regular bowel movement. The risk for colon cancer, colitis and hemorrhoids can be reduced by consuming dates.

The potassium in dates help to alleviate diarrhea and stomach aches. In addition to the above, dates helps to boost the desirable bacterias in our stomach.

3. Treat and prevents Anemia


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When your blood lacks sufficient red blood cells or hemoglobin, you develop Anemia. The cells in your body are unable to get enough oxygen, resulting in fatigue, unusual rapid heartbeats, shortness of breath, headache, dizziness, pale skin, leg cramps and insomnia. Anemia is common in women and children, and dates can be a natural way to improve such conditions. Dates are rich in iron, which helps to increase hemoglobin levels in our bodies, preventing the symptoms of Anemia.

4. Strengthen bones and immunity


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Our bone density reduces as we age. Containing selenium, manganese, and magnesium, dates are vital in our diet to help maintain and strengthen our bones.

5. Reduce the risk of strokes


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Strokes can be caused by blocked arteries, and may lead to dire consequences if not treated in time. The potassium in dates help to reduce the risk of stroke and also to lower the low density lipoprotein cholestrol in the body which can collect on the walls of blood vessels, causing blockages.

6. Improve brain health


Give your brain a treat by consuming more dates! Dates contain vitamin B6 that helps your brain to perform better. In addition, dates care for your mental health as vitamin B6 helps to balance mood and alleviate depression.

The next time you hang out with your date, remember to pick up a bag of dates in the supermarket!

HealthLoco Tip: Dates make a good low-calorie diet without causing weight gain if consumed in moderation (100 grams of dates contain about 280 calories). They can substitute your cravings for sugary snacks and desserts. 

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