Enlighten your taste buds with Mr. Coconut’s new drinks menu! Enlighten your taste buds with Mr. Coconut’s new drinks menu!
We have all heard about the benefits of apples, bananas and avocados. However, there is another fruit that is surprisingly underrated. Can you guess what... Enlighten your taste buds with Mr. Coconut’s new drinks menu!

We have all heard about the benefits of apples, bananas and avocados. However, there is another fruit that is surprisingly underrated. Can you guess what it is?


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Make way for the coconut, a fruit that is irreplaceable in the hearts of tropical islanders.

Most of us are familiar with two types of coconut – the fresh green ones and the ripe brown ones. While ripe brown coconuts are usually consumed for their tasty meat, the young green coconuts are the ones that are packed with the most nutritions.

Now, what benefits await us underneath the thick husk?

1. Loads of electrolytes

Necessary for our bodies to stay hydrated and ensures smooth functioning of our organs.

2. Low calories

A great alternative to soft drinks, a cup of pure coconut water only contains 46 calories and is low in sugar.

3. Reduce chances of obesity

Pure coconut water increases metabolic rate and improves digestion, reducing fat accumulation in your body. Your body will appear more leaned and toned than before.

4. Rich in Vitamin C

Necessary for the strengthening of our immune system, reducing the chances of a urinary tract infection, and functions as an antioxidant which helps to prevent diseases and slow down aging.

5. Superfood for expecting mothers

Alleviates morning sickness and increases breast milk supply to fulfill the growing demands of your infant. Coconut also prevents the formation of unsightly stretch marks and increase blood circulation to alleviate swelling.

After knowing all the benefits coconuts can provide, you don’t have to make a trip to the beach to consume this refreshing goodness! You can now experience the delicious nutty taste conveniently at Mr. Coconut! If you’re lucky, you may also get to see their mascot dancing to the addictive theme song that goes something like

“No one gave birth to me, I came from a tree! I’m a coconut, coconut.”

coconut mascot

Hands down, the cutest coconut I’ve ever seen!

About Mr. Coconut

Mr coconut

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Founded in Singapore 2 years ago, Mr. Coconut prides itself on its freshly made coconut concoctions which comes in 20 delicious flavours. It’s two co-founders, Andrew Cai and Vivian Yeo, recognized the benefits of coconuts and its appealing taste when they tried the famous coconut shake at Klebang, Malaysia. Determined for Singapore’s consumers to experience this unique taste, they brought the concept of coconut shake back to our sunny island. In order to provide consumers with high-quality and nutritious beverages, Cai and Yeo insist that all drinks are to be prepared using the flesh or milk of high quality, fresh Thai coconuts.

thai coconut

After extensive product research, Mr. Coconut is proud to present their new menu which contains an extensive range of 20 drinks! You’re bound to find one that satisfies your taste buds! The brand consists of three range of drinks, namely ‘Bubble coconut drinks’, ‘Coconut fresh juice’ and ‘Coconut shake’.

What flavours should I try?

If you’re spoilt for choice, don’t worry! We had the chance to sample out some of the flavours and we came up with a list of recommended drinks we think you should try!

Mr coconut samples

1. For the Calorie Conscious

Mr Coconut Coconut Juice

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Try Mr. Coconut’s Coconut Juice!

This refreshing thirst quencher contains the least calories out of the range, so you can indulge without fear! You can also chew on the bits of sweet thai coconut flesh! Perfect for a hot and humid day, or as an alternative to sports drinks after an intense workout!

2. For those who need a perk-me-up

Mr Coconut Mango Juice

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Try Mr. Coconut’s Coconut Mango Shake!

Chosen as our favourite out of the bunch, this tangy juice is sure to delight your taste buds with its perfect mix of sweet and sour flavours. Made with fresh mango and coconut juice, we highly recommend this smooth and invigorating shake for those who are looking for something with a stronger taste!

3. For the chocolate lover

Mr Coconut Cocoa bubble

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Try Mr Coconut’s Bubble Cacao Coconut!

If you’re having some sudden chocolate cravings, head on over to Mr. Coconut for this chocolatey yet healthy drink! Fret not, it does not taste excessively sweet. Instead, it has a light cocoa taste amidst the familiar taste of coconut water. Definitely a healthier choice compared to that chocolate bar you’re eyeing!

4. For the coffee addict

Understanding that customers have a hectic schedule to maintain, Mr. Coconut made sure to include two types of coconut coffee shakes to help you stay awake at work!

Mr coconut Cappucino shake

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Try Mr. Coconut’s Coconut Cappuccino Shake!

Mr coconut mocha shake

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Or Mr. Coconut’s Coconut Mocha Shake!

Now you can consume your daily dose of caffeine with the added benefits of coconut juice! Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

5. For the Instagram obsessed

Mr coconut bubble dragonfruit coconut

Photo: Mr. Coconut

Try Mr. Coconut’s Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut!

I believe this needs no further explanation. With its bright colour and nutritious ingredients, this drink makes for the perfect shot in your Instagram feed. Dosed in a vibrant shade of purple, Bubble Dragonfruit Coconut is not only visually pleasing but also jam-packed with loads of health benefits as dragonfruit is low in calories but rich in vitamins C and B!

Customize it to your preference

Similar to the bubble tea stores, Mr. Coconut also allows customers to tweak the drinks according to their preference! You can choose the sugar level you prefer accordingly, starting from 0% to 100%. Do note, the higher the sugar content, the more the calories! Consume sugar in moderation.

Can’t wait to get your hands on these mouth-watering drinks? You’re in luck!
Mr. Coconut will be giving out free drinks from the new menu on 9 December 2017 (Saturday) in all 3 of its Singapore outlets:

Far East Plaza
14 Scotts Road #01-14C
(Mon – Thurs 10AM to 10PM)
(Fri – Sun 10.30AM to 10.30PM)

North Point
North Wing #B1-42
(Mon – Sun 10.30AM to 10.30PM)

V Hotel Lavender MRT
70 Jellicoe Road #01-15
(Mon – Sun 10AM to 10PM)

Learn more about Mr. Coconut from their Facebook page!

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