5 Simple exercises for a perky butt 5 Simple exercises for a perky butt
Besides being famous for her hit songs such as “Super Bass” and “Starships”, Nicki Minaj is also famous for her figure. To be more... 5 Simple exercises for a perky butt

Besides being famous for her hit songs such as “Super Bass” and “Starships”, Nicki Minaj is also famous for her figure. To be more specific, her perky butt.


While we are not sure how much of it is natural, we know that doing the right exercises can effectively give your butt a lift and tone your booty. Here are 5 simple exercises that will make your butt look good even in jeans!


1. Lunge Jumps

lunge jumps

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An effective and simple exercise that makes sure you work all the muscles in your lower body, especially the glute muscles which will help to make your butt appear fuller.

  • Standing with your feet parallel to your shoulders, and step back on your right leg into a reverse lunge. Sink yourself into the position as low as possible without bending your back.
  • Hold in this position for 3 counts.
  • Spring yourself upwards as high as possible, and try to sustain in the air.
  • Land softly into reverse lunge with the left leg at the back.
  • Repeat this for 3 sets, 10 times on each leg.

2. Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks

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These kicks are as effective as traditional squat exercises for toning those muscles in your booty. Do not underestimate the results from these simple exercises!

  • Go on all fours with your knees parallel to your hips, and spread your hands to match your shoulder-width, positioning them right under the shoulders.
  • Locking your core, lift your right leg up with the knee still bent (90 degrees) and your foot parallel to the ground. Your thighs should not be lifted above your hips. (Make sure your torso is kept straight.)
  • Tighten the muscles in your butt by pointing your lifted foot towards the ceiling.
  • Put down the leg slowly and return to standing position.
  • Repeat this 20 times on each leg, for 4 to 5 sets.

3. Floor jacks

floor jacks

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This variation of the jumping jack is targetted to train your glute muscles to their maximum. You’re not far from achieving that perky bum!

  • Lie facedown, either on a floor or a mat. Extend your arms and legs to form an ‘X’ shape.
  • Stretch your body and lift your chest, thighs and legs as high as possible. Stay in this position for a few seconds, before resuming to the starting position.
  • Repeat this for 3 sets, 30 seconds each.

4. Sumo squats to calf raise

sumo squats calf raise

Photo: OKnation

This quick exercise is a 3 in 1, as it not only tones the glutes, but also the thighs and calves!

  • Position your feet slightly wider than your shoulder-width, pointing your toes outwards.
  • Maintaining an upright position, bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Press into the position for a few seconds.
  • Locking your core, raise both heels as high as possible without affecting the form of your upper body. Hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Lower your heels, and repeat 3 sets, 30 seconds each.

5. Step Ups

step ups

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Try this exercise to fight the gravitational forces, and revive your sagging butt. This exercise can be done anywhere with stairs (2 steps may give you adequate height), or with a chair.

  • Start by placing all of your right foot onto the chair. Exert pressure down your right heel as you step onto the chair, lifting your left foot up to meet the right foot so that you are standing on the chair.
  • Return to the initial position by stepping down on the right foot, followed by the left so you are standing on the floor.
  • Repeat this 15 times on each foot for 3 sets.

Remember, a beautiful butt doesn’t come easy. Stay determined and persevere, you will be proud of your rear in no time!

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