Why you feel like throwing up every time you board a car Why you feel like throwing up every time you board a car
Setting off on a road trip? While all your friends fill up the car excitedly, you stay rooted to the ground, hesitant to approach... Why you feel like throwing up every time you board a car

Setting off on a road trip? While all your friends fill up the car excitedly, you stay rooted to the ground, hesitant to approach the vehicle. Heck, the sight of vehicles (especially moving ones) make your legs jelly.

If you’re someone whose stomach feels funky after riding a car for 5 minutes, you’re most likely a victim of motion sickness.


Other symptoms of motion sickness include dizziness, sweating, and in general a sense of discomfort. To put it simply, you’ll know it when you have motion sickness because you start to pray that you weren’t alive in the first place (okay, I’m exaggerating).

Before you ask me for solutions, let me explain why motion sickness occurs. If you’re looking at your phone while on a car ride, your eyes detect minimal movement and therefore transmit similar messages to your brain. However, your ears pick up the noises of movement (if you’re in a sports car, good luck) and provide conflicting information to your brain. These conflicting signals confuse your brain, and it goes into crisis mode.

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What should you do when you feel like you’re about to expel your guts out on the leather car seats? Here are some tips that may help lessen your misery.

1. Stay hungry

If possible, board the ride on an empty stomach. Alcohol is definitely a big NO on such occasions. Make sure you stay away from any dairy products, or food that will make you feel heavy and bloated.

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2. Ride from the front

Sit in the front seat of the car, so that you have a clear vision of the traffic. This will reduce the possibility of conflicting signals transmitted to your brain.


3. No reading

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT read on a moving car. Not even that urgent text message from your boss, or the crush who has finally texted you back after 200 days. It’s not worth it.


4. Sleep may be the best remedy

If your misery is still not alleviated, try to knock yourself out and repay some sleep debt on the car.


5. Be hush about it

Remember to shut the mouths of other motion sickness victims, because in this case, sharing the misery will only worsen the situation. If you’re the sole victim onboard, try not to tell your friends about it. Be considerate.


6. Face the right direction

Motion sickness not only happens when you’re riding a car. It can occur while you’re onboard a boat, an airplane or any other kinds of transport. Avoid the seats that are facing backward from your direction of travel, they will efficiently speed up your urge to throw up.

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7. Medication

There are medications that are effective in preventing motion sickness. Visit your trusted medical practitioner to request for anti-motion sickness medications such as Meclizine before you set off on your trip. There are also patches which you can stick behind your ear or bands that you wear around your arm that will prevent motion sickness.

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If you feel like your stomach has twisted into a knot, and you can no longer hold it back, it’s time to signal the driver to pull over for you to expel the misery through your mouth. Nothing to be embarrassed about, don’t worry.


HealthLoco Tips: Always prepare some plastic bags with you when you’ll be onboard a transport for a longer time. They are very useful for emergencies. 

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