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Starting my day with Polar A370 7:00 am – The automatic Alarm alert buzzer vibrates to wake me up, and I rolled on my... A day with Polar A370 – HealthLoco Reviews

Starting my day with Polar A370

7:00 am – The automatic Alarm alert buzzer vibrates to wake me up, and I rolled on my bed for awhile and checked my phone for messages.

7:15 amSleep Report Alert vibrates, asking me if I want to view my sleeping record now. It shows my sleep time, the percentage of my actual sleep and the continuity of my sleep, which is awesome, because I have always wanted to know how my sleeping pattern is like, which will allow me to understand my sleep quality. *P.S: I am amazed by the accuracy and precision of the time I fell asleep and I woke up!

7:30 am – Breakfast and reading the report in Polar Flow app for a more thorough breakdown of my sleep that shows the actual sleeping hours and the interruptions in between sleep. (Thanks to the barking of my dogs haha)

8:00 am – Shower time with my A370 on. Its waterproof function is convenient and I do not have to worry about removing it repeatedly every bath time!

9:00 am to 1:00 pm – Training client & working in between. After wearing my A370, I realised I have a secret ‘’hobby’ – I kept checking my heart rate! I am fascinated with this function, probably because it’s purple in colour? HAHA!

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm – LUNCCCHHHHHHHHHHH TIME! Release the munchie monsterrr!

2:00 pm – Self Training, minimum 4 times a week, depending on the day, but usually it could be my favourite combat sports Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jutsu training, or physical and performances training, could be resistance training or functional or Cardio Training.

Depending on my training, I will tap on the Training tab and so that I can choose between the various training mode such as: Strength Training, Cycling, Walking, Running, Group exercises, other Indoor and other Outdoor tabs, in order to accurately measure heart rate based on different kind of sports or training I do. I especially love how it is categorised into different various mode for training, because there are differences in the heart rate for resistance training and aerobic exercises. It is a different type of demands on the heart. So this is definitely cool! BIG BIG LOVE XOXO!

Polar A370 and Joy HealthLoco 2

And for today.. I am doing a warm up with Cross Trainer for 15 mins. So, I clicked on the walking tab and it will detect my heart rate and record down the duration as well. I am not worried that the A370 will shortchange my calories burn, since the intensity is definitely more than just walking!

Polar A370 and Joy HealthLoco 5

Now.. my resistance training! I switched to the strength training tab, and yeah… there goes another 60 mins of hard work and sweat!XD

During my training, I was also able to check on any urgent messages or calls from my watch, which is an excellent function as my clients would sometimes send me last-minute texts that will need my immediate response.

4:00 pm – Training ended! I end my training with my protein shake. Tapped on the “end my training” and saved my training log. I love how everything is conveniently stored, which I can later sync to know my training intensity.

5:00 pm – Working again, and yes.. I’m checking on my heart rate again, and also checking the amount of steps that I have walked so far under the My Day Tab, just to make sure it’s all good! 10,000 steps to a healthier life!

I’m a curious baby, so I tried swinging my arm to imitate the walking motion and checked the steps – it did not register it as a step at all! Haha.. I tried it several times and I’m like seriously? And then I tried walking around, and yup! Technology Era haha! It did increase!)

11:00 pm – After shower, I will check my total daily steps to see if I reached my 10,000 steps goal. I will then sync my A370 to the Polar Flow app to check on my entire day – total calories burned, a detailed breakdown of my sleeping hours, my training heart rate zone, my max heart rate and average heart rate during every type of training etc.

Polar A370 and Joy HealthLoco 3

The best part? I just have to open my app, press and hold the button on my watch for 3 seconds, and it’s automatically synced! ZERO HASSLE!

Besides, I only have to charge my Polar A370 every 4 to 6 days, which is really awesome. I fiddle with my watch a lot, and it still amazes me that the battery can last for 4 days!

P.S: I love how comprehensive the functions are, but yet the watch looks simple. I am also able to customise my A370 with different changeable waterproof bands and straps according to the events I am attending or the outfit that I am wearing!


Ending my day with Polar A370

Polar A370 and Joy HealthLoco 3

Joy, HealthLoco Fitness Model


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