10 snacks that are 100 calories 10 snacks that are 100 calories
Snacking does not always mean eating potato chips, french fries, or ice cream. You can also snack while eating healthy food at the same... 10 snacks that are 100 calories

Snacking does not always mean eating potato chips, french fries, or ice cream. You can also snack while eating healthy food at the same time. It is possible to eat healthily while snacking at the same time. Who said snacking has to be unhealthy?

Here are ten healthy snacks under 100 calories that you can snack on.

1. Blueberries


Blueberries are really beneficial for your health and are also one of the most popular summer treats of all time. They are sweet full of nutrients and high in antioxidants which are good for your body as it helps to fight against the free radicals in our daily lives.

It helps to lower blood pressure, manage diabetes, ward off heart disease, and prevents cancer.

1 cup of blueberries is only 85 calories!

2. Cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese

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Who says cheese is unhealthy and high in calories? Dairy products like cheddar, are high in essential nutrients such as proteins, calcium, vitamin D, and potassium which greatly benefit your health and helps fight against diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Plus, cheese tastes great and who does not love cheese!

20g of cheddar cheese is 90 calories!

3. Eggs


Now, eggs are supposedly known to fill you up while also providing with a good source of protein. It is low in calories, while also providing you with healthy fats. It is a super food that provides us with every bit of nutrient that we need.

The best part is, there are many ways to cook an egg! You can boil it, fry it, sous vide it, anything.

1 medium egg holds 77 calories!

4. Chicken drumstick

Chicken drumstick

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Something savoury as a snack!

Sometimes we think that eating a chicken drumstick may be unhealthy, but chicken provides us with protein that helps in muscle recovering. Also chicken also tastes incredibly good.

1 grilled chicken drumstick holds 75 calories!

5. Broccoli


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Not everyone’s favourite.

But for those who love broccoli, it is a tasty vegetable that is packed with nutrients that help prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol, improves bone health and heart health. It is also a powerful antioxidant which is good for fighting free radicals.

1 cup of broccoli florets is 95 calories.

You do not have to eat it raw. You can steam some broccoli and season it with garlic salt. Or, you can dip it into something that you like. Maybe some cheese sauce?

6. Popcorn


Technically, popcorn is not unhealthy. Do you know that popcorn is actually a grain? Eating popcorn also helps you to lose weight. That is because popcorn is light and it also takes up a lot of space in your tummy. And now, it is also under 100 calories, which is great when you want to snack but also keep your calorie under check.

2 cups of popcorn seasoned with butter hold 95 calories!

7. Mayonnaise


Snacking on mayonnaise?

Now, that is a first for me. Unless you really really love mayo. Then you could probably snack on this. Or, maybe you are just looking for something to dip that is not overly high in calories? Try Mayonnaise.

2.5 teaspoon of mayonnaise is 85 calories.

8. Frozen grapes


These are great snacks. Why? Because it tastes exactly like ice cream. Grapes are beneficial for your health. It is high in fibre and also helps in preventing many diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

Just pop it into the freezer and freeze it for a few hours. When you feel like snacking on them, just take it out, and there you have it.

1 cup of frozen grapes is about 104 calories.

9. Peanut butter

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter has protein as well as potassium which helps to lower and reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It also contains fibre which is great for your bowel health. Peanut butter also helps in your bone health, and muscle growth.

One tablespoon is 94 calories!

10. Baby carrots

Baby carrots

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If you are craving chips, baby carrots are a great healthy substitute for chips.It is small, crunchy, tasty, and provides health benefits.Baby carrots carry a lot of nutrients such as fibre, vitamin K, vitamin A, potassium, and antioxidants. They are also a weight loss friendly food, helps to lower cholesterol and improve your eye health.

1 cup of baby carrots is 83 calories.


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