10 weight loss tips 10 weight loss tips
Losing weight can be difficult, and you often do not see results overnight. It takes patience and a hell lot of determination in order... 10 weight loss tips

Losing weight can be difficult, and you often do not see results overnight. It takes patience and a hell lot of determination in order to start noticing the results. There are many ways to lose weight but, some of them may make you dread the process of weight loss and make you unsatisfied with it.

Well, do not fret, because you are on HealthLoco, and the team at HealthLoco always give you the best advice. Here are some weight loss tips to help you to lose weight.

1. Eat till you are 80% full

Hara Hachi Bun Me

Now, this is a Japanese Confucian teaching called the ‘Hara Hachi Bun Me’ that teaches people to eat until they are about 80% full. When you only eat till you are 80% full, your stomach will not stretch from overeating, and if your stomach does not stretch, you will not eat more than what you need.

2. Eat slowly

Breakfast over magazine

It takes approximately 20 minutes for the stomach to tell the brain that it is full. Therefore, by the time you are very full, you would probably have eaten more than what you need. As mentioned, when you eat more than you should, your stomach stretches which will cause you to eat more in the future.

Eat slowly, savour your food, and you will find yourself eating a lot less while feeling full.

3. Do not eat 3 hours before you sleep


In the day, you are up and running, and moving about most of your time. Your metabolism is higher during the day. But, when it comes to sleeping, your metabolism slows down which makes digesting food a lot harder and slower.

Try limiting the food you eat 3 hours before you sleep. But, if you must eat, go for something light and easy to digest.

4. Sleep early

sleep early

It is scientifically proven that people who stay up late at night are more prone to weight gain. This is because people get hungry more easily at night and tend to eat fast food or junk food that are the only food options available at that crazy hour.


If you must have something to eat, have something that is not heavy. Try to avoid the potato chips, instant noodles or pizza. Eating something that is easy to digest would be awesome. Examples of some late night snack are baby carrots, sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, apples, berries and yoghurt.

5. Drink a glass of cold water

ice water

Another trick is to down a cold glass of water in the morning. When you wake up, your body is naturally dehydrated. Therefore, it slows down your bodily function which slows down your metabolism. Drinking a cold glass of water when you wake up helps you to boost your metabolism, and having a higher metabolism can really help to burn off those calories faster for weight loss.

 6. Eat frequently

eat frequently

Eat frequently. You do not have to keep eating every hour, but eating every 2-3 hours can help to speed up your metabolism.

HealthLoco Tip: Have five small meals a day. 

This gives you more energy, make you less hungry, reduces your cravings, control your sugar levels, and reduces the amount of fat stored in your body.

7. Eat with a smaller plate

small plate

Research shows that eating with a smaller plate can help reduce the amount of food you take in by 30%. It helps in quantity control and tricks your mind into thinking that you are eating a whole plate of food.

8. Ditch your fizzy drinks and drink green tea instead

Drink green tea

Photo: Stylecraze

Ditch your fizzy drinks and sugary drinks. There are a lot of sugar in fizzy drinks, and sugar can turn into fat really quick. Sugar can be really addictive and can keep you wanting more. Instead, drink green tea.

Green tea is probably one of the easiest tricks in weight loss, particularly for people who have a love for teas. That is because green tea is very high in antioxidants which help in detoxing your body. It also helps to boost your metabolism while lowering your cholesterol level.

9. Drink a cup of water 30 minutes before your meal

What this does is that it helps to fill up your stomach and reduces your calorie intake.

10. Have a cheat day

cheat day

Sometimes, weight loss can be mentally draining.

We all need to rest from our weight loss journey. Which is why you should include a cheat day. Take one day out of the week where you can have any food of your choice. You can have that cheese fries that you have been craving, the Char Kuey Teow, the Hokkien Mee, the Cheeseburger, the spicy nuggets. Any food to restore your sanity. Indulging in a cheat day also helps keep you motivated.

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