Tips from actual Singaporean #fitspos on how to avoid gaining weight at work Tips from actual Singaporean #fitspos on how to avoid gaining weight at work
Singaporeans are gaining weight upon entering the workforce, with males packing on as much as 4 kilograms in the first ten years. Is this... Tips from actual Singaporean #fitspos on how to avoid gaining weight at work

Singaporeans are gaining weight upon entering the workforce, with males packing on as much as 4 kilograms in the first ten years. Is this piece of news making you fret? Or are you already bearing significant weight gain and seeking to lose that spare tire so that you can breathe better in your work pants? (They fitted so well at the beginning of your job!)

Here at HealthLoco, we understand that staying active and sticking to a healthy diet while holding a full-time job can be difficult. So, we talked to a few influential figures in Singapore’s fitness field, people who work full-time and yet are still able to lead healthy and active lifestyles. These individuals serve as inspirations for their many followers on Instagram, proving that one can manage healthy lifestyle regimes atop full-time work. They propagate the message that health is wealth – and lucky for you, these tips are free.

1. Work out with company

Get a fitness buddy and make workout plans together.

“I meet my friends every night to workout. All of us work and we meet up in the gym. Although it’s tiring, as soon as we start, it becomes enjoyable! We don’t do our own workouts, we do group workouts so that we are constantly motivating each other,” says Jasmine ‘The Cheerleader’ Neo (@jasminethecheerleader). Jasmine is a full-time teacher. She was the champion of Muscle War 2015, with many other amazing bodybuilding, powerlifting, crossfit, and cheerleading feats notched under her belt.

“I schedule workout sessions with friends, on those days when I hit the regular gym for weights training. It can make you a bit more accountable, and makes it more fun to workout together with friends,” says Natalie Yeo (@nattylifts), a two-time bikini champion who currently works full-time.

Having someone on the fitness journey with you makes you less likely to back out of ready-made plans. With some friendly competition and encouragement, you are also more motivated to perform to the best of your abilities during the workout.

2. Travel time is active time

Walk instead of taking the bus, and climb stairs instead of taking the lift whenever you can. Natalie optimises her travelling time, by walking to work instead of taking the train from Telok Ayer MRT station to Downtown MRT station in the mornings after her gym workout. “I turn my commute to work into some form of exercise, because every little bit counts!”

Many weight-loss consultants also espouse this tip, telling their clients to ditch their all-or-nothing mentality in regards to exercise and diet. Consider every decision you make a chance to do something healthy – the switch from a can of coke during lunch to lemon water, and the choice to climb up 3 flights of stairs everyday to get to your office. These simple changes can help shed unwanted weight, and can ultimately be the difference between you and your weight loss goals.

3. Become a morning exerciser

By scheduling your exercise in the mornings, it is guaranteed that you clear your workout for the day before excuses in the form of after-work drinks or meetings with clients crop up at the last minute, killing whatever workout plans you originally had.

4. Toss out the junk

Out of sight, out of mind. Get rid of junk food that you keep in the office. With your surroundings rid of temptations, it’s much easier to stay away from foods that can lead to weight gain. Instead, have some low-calorie, high fibre and protein-filled snacks on hand should the hunger pangs creep in. “I make it a point to stock my office table with healthy snacks like nuts or dried fruit and dark chocolate….not potato chips,” says Natalie.

5. Prepare your meals

For many working people, lunch is a meal that throws the diet off course. With so many flavourful food options in easy reach, it may be tempting to just grab food to go.

But Singaporean hawker foods, as we all know, is not the most optimal choice for weight loss. Thus, make time every Sunday to sit down and plan a week’s worth of quick, travel-friendly lunches. Prepping and bringing food from home means you have more control over how many calories you consume everyday. Plus, once you have the food readily available, you have no excuse for not eating a nutritious lunch.

If packing lunch is really not an option, go for the healthiest option you can find. Natalie tries to keep eating fried food to a minimum. In addition to avoiding fried food, opt for boiled or steamed food, as these are usually less calorific.

6. Lose the excuses

Kelly Tay (@paperexploits), Editor in the financial services sector and Columnist for The Business Times, posts workout videos and form tips for over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. She shares that her biggest tip would be to “make time,” not “find time”. “Same way you make time for brushing your teeth and eating meals, just see exercise as a non-negotiable part of your week,” she says.

For some of us, it’s not abt losing weight, but abt getting strong 💪🏻 When the left pic popped up on my Facebook feed ystdy, I was shocked. It was taken in 2012, back when I was earning my master’s at @columbia– way before I even learned about @kayla_itsines’s #bbg 🤔 I can’t believe how tiny my arms were! I hope this shows how I’m really not exaggerating when I say I used to have virtually zero upper-body strength 🙈 Now you know why I am always so proud of my push-up progress, right? (See #pepushupprogress) ✌🏻 Everyone always asks if I’ve achieved my transformation thru bbg alone, or if dieting + other workouts were involved. Honestly, this was thru bbg alone 🙂 First, I have kept the same (non-restrictive) eating habits in both pics, even tho I do try to make more nutritious choices now. (I also continue to look like a ravenous bat while I eat 🦇🤦🏻‍♀️😂) The only difference between the two pics, TRULY, has been exercise. What you see on my instagram feed is all the exercise I do– bbg resistance + liss (minus the odd workout where I modify and do bbg-style circuits) 🙋🏻 As for when the transformation began: I started bbg1 pre-training on July 27, 2015. It was ridiculously difficult at first, considering I had never done a squat before. But I grew to love the #deathbykayla feeling, and haven’t stopped since! (Save a 6-week break due to surgery; see #pewhatsurgery) I’ve now completed 6 rounds of bbg, and am a quarter way thru my 7th. I’ve just been alternating b/w bbg1 and bbg2 💪🏻 The other thing people tend to ask is whether I use the app or the pdf. I only have the pdf guides; when I first started, the app wasn’t even a thing yet 🙂 Aaanyway, just wanted to share this transformation pic, and my journey up until this point. I’m in no way saying that EVERYONE shld drop what they’re doing now and do what I did, because they’ll get the same results 🙅🏻 Everyone is different, and we all need to find what works for US. However, I AM proud of becoming the girl to whom ppl say: “You’re so fit!” vs “You’re so skinny!” And more than any physical transformation, I’m most proud of what it has taken to get here: a shitload of discipline and determination 😉🌟❤️

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Natalie advises similarly: “I think at the end of the day the MOST important factor is the desire to want to keep fit and stay fit.”

I want to live a healthy lifestyle because I think it helps me feel good from the inside out, and live life to the fullest. It’s not JUST about having washboard abs, a perky ass or a hot body. I keep healthy because I want to have an improved quality of life so that I can continue doing the things I love, and age gracefully. — The last 2 posts, I shared 2 elements of a healthy lifestyle: diet & exercise. However, there is more to it. . I used to be able to workout 5-6 times a week, sleep in whenever I wanted to, plan meals, and still find time to pursue other interests. . Since I entered the corporate world, hitting the gym 3 times a week is a luxury. Getting more sleep often means competing with time I can spend doing a million other things. Don’t even get me started on meals. . For awhile, I was depressed, and felt lost. However, it has made me realize the importance of adopting a holistic healthy lifestyle. . I’ve learnt to appreciate that it is a way of life, and supposed to be something sustainable. It’s not a crash diet to drop a couple of pounds, neither is it torturing yourself with an intense workout session to counter a gluttony feast. It’s definitely NOT about feeling guilty for having had an ice cream, or missing a workout. . To me, it’s about balance 🙏🏻 It’s about adhering to a sufficiently good diet and workout regime 80% of the time so that you can enjoy that fried chicken burger or (insert your fav cheat meal) once in awhile. . At the same time it’s also equally important to adopt good lifestyle choices such as staying away from smoking and excessive alcohol, and getting enough ZZZs. . It’s a lifelong process and journey. There’s no magic pill. I put in the work because I know I’ll reap the benefits of a good diet, workout regime, and lifestyle habits. I’m still on my journey, and my wish is to be able to inspire more people around me to adopt healthier lifestyles ☺️ — #shapefitgirl #mondaymotivation #gymfie #workout #gym #motivationalmonday #gymselfie #bbg

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Above all, you must want to do it. You have a challenging work schedule – surprise, surprise, so does every working person out there. If you allow yourself excuses, you alone bear the consequences (and we mean that literally, too).

Remember, health is wealth! Few things come without effort, but know that your health is well worth your investment.

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