7 tips to get a slimmer face 7 tips to get a slimmer face
If you look through the new year resolutions of people that do resolutions, we are certain that most would list “to lose weight” or... 7 tips to get a slimmer face

If you look through the new year resolutions of people that do resolutions, we are certain that most would list “to lose weight” or “get a slimmer face” as one of their goals. Who does not want to have abs, sharper nose and a slimmer face?

But how? Is there some voodoo magic behind it? Or some magic pill that they take? You just cannot figure it out. Like kitty over here.


Well, we are letting the cat out of the bag. Here are some tips on how to get a slimmer, V-shaped face:

1. Cut down on sodium

Potato chips, french fries, instant noodles – be sure to remove all of these from your diet. Processed foods like these are exceptionally high in salt and sodium, which is a huge contributing factor in that puffy and bloated face. You do not have to cut out salt and sodium from your body totally – it is still a necessary part of your diet. But, too much sodium can cause your body to bloat which makes your face appear rounder. Instead of snacking on junk food such as potato chips, or having late night supper of instant noodles, try taking in more fruits.

2. Go low on alcohol

Alcohol can cause dehydration on your face, making your face look extra puffy and bloated. However, say it is Friday night, and you are out with your brothers and girlfriends on a night out, and you will be drinking. For one cup of cocktail, make sure you drink double the amount of water to flush the alcohol out of your body system.  

Drinking more water also helps your body to break alcohol down, which is better for your liver.

3. Cold water in the morning

Another tip in getting a slimmer face is to down a cup of cold water the moment you wake up in the morning.

This step will help you flush the toxins out of you and hydrate your face and body again which helps to minimise the puffy and bloated face, creating a slimmer appearance in your face. You can also splash your face with cold water in the morning as it helps to constrict the blood vessels in your face which helps to ‘de-puff’ your face.

“Splash, splash, splash!”


4. Stack your pillows


Sleeping also causes your face to bloat due to the fluid build-up in your face when you sleep. If you are sleeping with one pillow, try stacking your pillows and sleep with two pillows instead. This will help prevent the fluids to build up in your face when you sleep, minimising bloating in your face.

5. Facial massage

Now, this is a thing you do not know. Most people with a slim face practice this day-to-day, and it is called a proper facial massage.


Facial massages improve the blood circulation in your face and drain excess lymphatic tissues which have build up over time.  Facial massages also tones and lift your face which creates a slimmer appearance. It also reduces water retention.

6. Use makeup

If you want to create a slimmer facial appearance as soon as possible, you can also use makeup to sculpt a thinner face.

Contouring is very popular nowadays as it helps you get the V-shape face that you want by sharpening your jawline, nose, and also highlighting your nose bridge and cheek bone.


Just be careful not to have a makeup disaster.

7. Make use of facial masks

With the growing beauty industry, there are some beauty masks that help with the slimming of the face. When used, these masks give out heat and helps to shape your face, making it thinner and smaller.

Vickie Ng

Vickie Ng

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