Male qualities women like besides good looks Male qualities women like besides good looks
Are looks the only quality than deemed someone as an attractive person? Not exactly. Science found that there is one certain male quality women likes... Male qualities women like besides good looks

Are looks the only quality than deemed someone as an attractive person? Not exactly. Science found that there is one certain male quality women likes and finds attractive other than looks.

When it comes to attractiveness, physical appearance is what comes up to mind. The first impression of a person matters a lot in today’s world. When you think about it, the first thing we look at is a person’s physical appearance. For most people, a sense of humor followed by good looks are what makes a person attractive.

However, attractiveness is not just about the way you look. There are many possible reasons for a person to be deemed as attractive. It can be a behavior you show or a trait you possess. It varies for each individual.

There is one quality that women find attractive in men other than just looks. And that is altruism, a display of good behavior. Studies have found that women are attracted to men that display acts of helping behavior.

In a study conducted, men and women were shown pictures of other men and women. They were asked to rate them based on their attractiveness, and how attractive they would be for short- and long-term relationships.

Some of the people in the pictures were described to have helping behaviors like volunteering in a shelter or buying groceries for the elderly while others were described like your average Joe. The results then show that both men and women preferred people who display altruism than people who do not.

However, women showed a stronger attraction to altruism than men did.

In another study, they showed that having this trait can be even more appealing than looks itself.

200 women were shown two photographs of men at the same time, one attractive while one is unattractive. Each photo had a description of each of a scenario and how each of the men behaved in the scenario.

For example, there was a man was sitting down at a coffee shop. An old man dressed in run down and dirty clothes approaches. He was carrying a tin with his hands and was asking for money so that he buy food for his sick wife. The man ignored the elderly in scenario A, while the other man in scenario B gave him some money and also got him food.

The women were asked to rate man A and man B on how attractive each individual is for a long term or a short term relationship.

These are the results. Man B was more desired in long-term relationships. Reason behind it was because man B showed altruistic behavior.

The first research shows that women were more attracted to men that display altruistic behavior than men who did not.

In the second research, women desire men who display altruistic behavior than men who did not more attractive in a long-term relationship than short-term relationships.

Non-altruistic men were, in fact, more desirable in a short-term relationship.

But the most surprising finding was that altruistic behavior was more attractive than physical appearance.

Well, it is still hard to say whether these studies finding applies to in the actual world. But now you know, if you are a man looking for a long-term relationship, do not hesitate to brag and flaunt about things that you do out of goodwill.

Let the lucky lady know that you are a teacher giving free lessons to orphanages, or helping your elder neighbor clean his house every weekend. She might find you way more attractive than some hunky guy.

Looks are just a bonus. What truly matters is what is on the inside, not the outside.

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