Lollipop lips is the weirdest makeup trend in 2017 Lollipop lips is the weirdest makeup trend in 2017
There are numerous makeup trends, but have you ever encountered a trend that makes you go “What?” Well, here is one: “The Lollipop Lips”.... Lollipop lips is the weirdest makeup trend in 2017

There are numerous makeup trends, but have you ever encountered a trend that makes you go “What?” Well, here is one: “The Lollipop Lips”. It is one of the weirdest beauty trends of the year. This look appeared on models on the latest fashion show runway.

Apparently, this makeup look is made to enhance and stimulate the effect of one sucking on a lollipop and then rubbing it around your mouth. Though in reality, sucking on an actual lollipop would not even cause such a stain to appear around your mouth. The lollipop lips look is similar to a three-year-old kid sucking on his lips until it turns red from the dryness.

Even if it is called a trend, many people are reacting strongly to it, and it is a big no.

Probably because it looks like you have to make up smeared all over your face. It resembles the look where you just fail terribly at makeup, and it also looks like you have a dry, and swollen lips. The lollipop lips may make you look cute, but you may get mistaken as an oversize kid.

Or, you can look like you just have a heated make out session with a vacuum cleaner. Why would you want to look like that anyways?


If you think that this is the look for you, here are some simple steps which you can achieve the Lollipop lips look.

1. Choose your lip colour

You will definitely need a lipstick to start with. Choose a lip colour that would suit your skin tone. Please try not to pick black; you may end up looking like someone with charcoaled and burned lips.

2. Apply the base colour on your lips and smear it

Once you have picked your lip colour, apply it on your lips. Do not apply it like how you are applying normal lipstick, but only apply a few dots on your lips. Then gently use your ring finger (Not middle finger) and blend it on your lips. Slowly smear it to the outer part of your lips, creating a look that looks like you smudge your lipstick over your hand.

3. Create a gradient ombre look

This is the look that is used most in Korean makeup that makes your lips have the beautiful gradient lips. Do that with the smeared lips. At least you look nicer with some gradient on your lips.

Take a darker colour and apply to the centre on your lips

Yes, take another darker colour and apply into the centre on your lips and create an even dark effect on your lips.

4. Use a dark eyeshadow

It is unsure why but, take a dark eyeshadow and apply it to the centre on your lips.

You can wear this lip makeup on it own or top up with some lipgloss to give a little ‘ommpf’ to your lips. It gives it the glossy and pretty look! If you do not have your lipgloss with you or you are too lazy to reach out to get it, use either a moisturiser or Vaseline to add that little bit of shine to your lips.

Snap a picture and add it to your social media account!

All you need is a pink or purple background with a lollipop, and you can post it on Instagram, Facebook, or even Twitter! We all are models for the social media.


Cover photo: Sant Magazine

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