Precautions to take when buying contact lenses online Precautions to take when buying contact lenses online
With the ever increasing trend of online shopping, many people are turning to online shopping. Everything seems to be available online at anytime and... Precautions to take when buying contact lenses online

With the ever increasing trend of online shopping, many people are turning to online shopping. Everything seems to be available online at anytime and anywhere. You can even do online shopping now on social media such as Facebook and Instagram where businesses can set up shop.  There are even apps where you can download to your phone that allows you to do online shopping such as Carousel and ezbuy.


Shopping online is also very convenient. Online, stores are open for 24 hours every day, and you do not have to go down directly to make a purchase. It is that simple. Many things are available online for purchase. From groceries to electronics to clothes. And let’s not forget contact lenses. That is our main topic after all.

Many people, especially ladies, are starting to wear contact lenses more frequently for various reasons. We could be wearing for convenience, beauty, or we can be wearing it for fashion. There are many different types of lenses out there. Contact lenses with different colours, different design, and different brands. Some of the contacts even offer eye enlargement which makes your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Wearing contact lenses have become a part of the growing fashion trend in the world, especially in ladies.

With online shopping as the trend, people tend to shop online for their contact lenses instead of heading down to their local store. There are also more types of contact lenses brands, designs, and colours online than in your regular store.

However, do you know that there is some risk when buying contact lenses online?

Purchasing your contact lenses from the wrong seller can be dangerous. If not careful, you may even cause damage to your eyes if the contact lenses are not safe. Worse case, you may even lose your eyesight.

Studies say that contact lenses have the potential to create complications for your eyes if not taken from your eye health professional.  It can cause blindness, eye infections, or cornea damage.

Would you want to risk it all? Over such a small thing as contact lenses? Here are some of the precautions you can take when shopping online for your contact lenses.


Be careful who you buy from

Overall, when you are shopping online, you have to be careful of who you purchase from. Buying from the wrong shop can be very dangerous. First of all, the goods may not be real, and it could be counterfeit goods. Which means the lens can be fake and wearing such lenses can cause you your eyesight. They look like the real deal, but you still have to be careful of your seller.

Check reviews


You know those reviews that are always at the bottom of the page. They are there for a reason. For customers to leave their review and comments about the product. You can actually make use of these reviews to see if you are looking at the real deal or a counterfeit. But, also be careful about reviews. There are actually some stores out there who pay people to give five-star reviews on their products. For a better chance, check if that store has a facebook page and look at the comments on that page.

Check punctuation and spelling

Let’s say you decided to purchase from the store and the item came in in the mailbox. Stop right there.


Before you start using the item, check the packaging for abnormalities such as punctuation or spelling errors. Most of the fake lenses have different spelling and different names from the authentic ones, so this is one that you can take note of.


You can also check the colour of the packaging. If you notice, fake contact lenses packaging have different colours.


If the colours look fishy to you, google up on how the actual item looks like.

Contact lenses that are sold online can be cheap, and many of the online shops sell them for a very low price. It may be cheap, and it can help you to save money, but is it really worth it? Better be safe than sorry right?

Vickie Ng

Vickie Ng

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