Want to grow taller? Try these exercises to help you gain the extra inches! Want to grow taller? Try these exercises to help you gain the extra inches!
So you are on your way to growing taller. Why? Is it because you are mistaken as a kid most of the time? Are... Want to grow taller? Try these exercises to help you gain the extra inches!

So you are on your way to growing taller. Why? Is it because you are mistaken as a kid most of the time? Are you always the only one among your friends getting that age IC check when going to watch a rated movie? Or, when you are out shopping for clothes, are you always having problems because you always seem to be smaller than almost everything in the store? It gets frustrating most of the time.

Let’s face it: being tall has its advantages. You get to look good in clothes, you get to eat more because you need the extra nutrients for your body, and you get to see everything from above because you are taller than average.


There are even some myths about your height! For example, there is a Chinese saying that when people grow older, you will start to shrink and that means that you will be blessed with longevity. Research says that people shrink at the age of 40 due to the loss of fluids in your spinal disk. However, it is unsure if shrinking could mean living longer.

Another saying is that taller people actually makes more money than the average height. Though it is unsure why taller get paid more, research studies show that taller people are paid more annually. Extra money is always good, right?

There as many aspects for gaining height. It can be due to genetic, the type of lifestyle you live, or the type of food that you eat. Even the right exercise could affect how you grow. Here are a few exercises that may help you grow taller.

1. Yoga

Yoga is a popular exercise that can help you to grow taller. Yoga stretches your body and helps to lengthen your joints and spine.

There are many yoga poses that stretch different part of your body which can make you taller.

The Cobra is an example of a yoga pose that can help you to grow taller. It stretches the spine, which makes it flexible and supple, causing an increase in vertical height.

The next time you want to grow taller, try yoga for greater results. Maybe you can even impress your friends on by posting a photo of your yoga moves on Instagram. Just make sure your cat does not photo bomb you like this one over here.


2. Swimming

One of the most popular exercise to grow taller is by swimming regularly. Swimming can make full use of your hands, legs, and body to the fullest which helps you to develop muscle strength. Swimming also stretches the spine, allowing a person’s torso to be longer than the average.

Some style of swimming can improve your height such as the breast stroke. Head to the swimming pool and swim for about 30 minutes. There may be some hot guys there as well.


3. Bar hanging

Gravity can affect your height by compressing your spine and joints. Although it sounds weird but hanging on a bar can make you taller as it stretches the spine and joints of your body. You do not have to do anything complicated like pull ups or chin ups. You just need to hang there. Like a monkey, maybe contemplate on life while you are at it. Doing this exercise can lengthen your body, making you grow taller naturally.

4. Jump ropes

Jump roping is also an exercise that is closely related to height. There is always a saying that jumping can naturally make you taller. When you are jumping, your body naturally stretches the spine and back muscles. Jumping rope also adds to bone mass, making them longer.

Another benefit of skipping is that it can also make your body look slimmer. When you look slimmer, you naturally look taller.

5. Use ankle weights

This exercise is primarily used best to lengthen your lower body as it focuses on stretching the cartilage between your knees. When you stretch longer, the cartilage in your knees gets elongated and increases in mass, lengthening your lower body.

6. The cat stretch

Photo : Quora

First, grab your cat…

No that was a joke. This exercise is meant to open up your spine and strengthen your shoulder, chest, and back. It is also good for blood circulation.

Place your hands and knees on the floor. Inhale while flexing your spine down and exhale when flexing it up to an arched position, kind of like how an actual cat stretches.

If you do not want to do it alone, maybe you can stretch with your cat. Only… it may not be the best option to work out with your cat, unless you want to end up like this guy.


It can be frustrating being short, especially when you can be lost in the crowd because you are so tiny. However, being short also has its own advantages, like saving you from that deadly hanging tree branch.

Try these exercises for increasing your height. However, do know that exercise is not the only thing that contributes to your height growth. Other important factors such as getting enough sleep and the right diet can also contribute to your growth!

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