Gaming benefits that may be good for your health Gaming benefits that may be good for your health
Have you ever thought that gaming could do you good? Well, surprise surprise! There are actually some gaming benefits that may surprise you! Remember... Gaming benefits that may be good for your health

Have you ever thought that gaming could do you good? Well, surprise surprise! There are actually some gaming benefits that may surprise you!

Remember the days where gaming was only in the arcades? When snakes were the only game you played on your Nokia phone back then?


Gaming has now evolved where it is available on smartphones, computers, and gaming consoles.

Who doesn’t like to play games? Gaming is fun, exciting, and thrilling. It has the ability to take your mind to a whole new world and make you forget about reality for a moment. At times, it can be a little addicting, and we find it hard to get our hands off it.

We also hear of how gaming can make us sick and is bad for our health as it can cause serious addiction problems. However, recent studies show that gaming actually has some benefits for you. Here are some of them.

1. Develop problem-solving skills

So what happens when you get to a level in the game where the boss is a pain in the ass you no matter what you do, you can’t seem to pass that level? Sit down and cry?


Obviously not. We think of ways around and try different methods to defeat the level so that we can move on to the next level. Therefore, you would work extra hard in your head to find strategies to beat that level so that you can boast about it to your friends when you manage to pass that stage that they can never pass.

2. Stress relief

Maybe life is getting to you, and you need a form of stress relief but squeezing stress balls or screaming your heart out does not seem to help at all. Playing games can help to make your mood better as it activates your brain’s pleasure circuit.

When you’re gaming, you also tend to forget about the problems you have in reality, and it makes you feel good which provides a level of stress relief after a day of stressful work.

However, it comes at a price as well. Maybe playing ‘angry birds’ is one of those games that are harmless for stress management. But some people find stress relief in violent games as it allows them to release their anger on the game itself; they find pleasure in it. It can be dangerous as their minds might portray that hurting people is a form of pleasure and apply it in reality. Therefore when playing games for stress relief, be mindful of the type of games you play.

3. May help you to be more sociable

Not everyone who games stays at home all day in a dark room filled with cup noodles and potato chips.


Studies have shown that playing videos games can help you to be more sociable. When you are playing games online, most of the time you meet people on the internet and play games with them. You may even start making friends from all around the world.

Heck, you can even play online games with your friends and bond with them while screaming at each other over the game.

4. Prevent Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is a where the brain degenerates over time due to age. It affects the memory, thinking and behavior. Studies show that video games can improve older adults’ memory, the ability to multitask, and reaction time.

5. Improves your sight

And we thought that gaming frequently in front of the computer screen can worsen your eyesight thanks to the blue light from the screens.

Some games require your eyes to react quickly. Games that require you to aim at the target. It is believed that games like this exercises your eyes and may help aid in correcting bad eyesight.

However, that does not mean you can still play games in the dark. It may worsen your eyesight if you do that.

5. Allows you to make fast decisions

Some games out there are fast paced, and sometimes, you need to be fast to make a move or the “Game over” sign may appear on the screen which may frustrate you if you are about to clear the final level of the game.

Games like this require you to think fast and make decisions. Even for games like Tetris battle requires your mind to be quick and decisive. When you can make fast decisions in gaming, you may be able to make fast decisions and apply it in reality.

Theses are the few benefits that gaming can give. Even though gaming can benefit you, you still have to know how to manage your gaming time by playing in moderation. Too much gaming can also lead to serious cases of addiction. Have fun the safe way people!

Vickie Ng

Vickie Ng

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