Drinking beer could be good for you! Drinking beer could be good for you!
Can drinking beer actually benefit you? Beers are often perceived as unhealthy, and we are advised not to drink too much. Are you worried... Drinking beer could be good for you!

Can drinking beer actually benefit you? Beers are often perceived as unhealthy, and we are advised not to drink too much. Are you worried about drinking a cup or two and feeling guilty about it later on?

Don’t feel guilty anymore. On the contrary to what you might expect, beers can provide you with many health benefits!


Here are some surprising health benefits of beer when taken in moderation.

1. Anticancer properties

Hops, one of the main ingredients used beer brewing, contains a flavonoid called Xanthohumol. This compound has been seen in chemoprevention of cancer such as prostate cancer. Scientists have also found that hops are also used to halt bacteria growth and diseases. It is also found that beer contains polyphenols, and is proven to fighting cancer.

2. Reduces the risk of heart diseases

When we think of beer, we think of alcohol, and drinking too much alcohol is not good for the heart right? So how does drinking beer helps reduce the risk of heart diseases?

Yes, drinking too much alcohol is not good for your heart as it can increase blood pressure and can hurt your heart. However, if taken in moderation, it can be beneficial to your heart.

Beer contains vitamin B6, which can protect your heart against heart diseases by preventing the buildup of a compound called homocysteine. It also has a thinning effect on blood and prevents the formation of blood clot which can cause blocks in the coronary arteries.

Beer can also reduce inflammation and reduce the build-up of plaque and cholesterol on the blood vessel and artery walls.

3. Reduces hypertension

It is also found that beer can lower blood pressure. Studies show that people who drank beer moderately have lower chances of developing high blood pressure, which is the main cause of hypertension.

4. Anti-aging

Beer contains three major anti-aging ingredients; hops, yeast, and barley. Beer also increases the potency and impact of vitamin E, which is a major antioxidant in the body. Antioxidants are important when it comes to maintaining a healthy skin, and it helps to slow down the ageing process of the skin, making you look younger.

Good for you ladies out there who want to look young and go drinking.

5. Beer aids digestion

“Are you not afraid of getting a beer belly from drinking so much beer?”


There is a myth that drinking beer could give you a beer belly. Ironically, beer does not even contain fat!

That’s right. Beer is fat-free!


Anyways, do you know that beer can aid your digestive system? Yes, it can. And that is because beer consists of many digestive properties that help stimulate the gastric acids in our stomach which helps in digestion.

It may even help you to lose weight while you are at it.

6. Treat dandruff

This is an interesting fact on beer. It is said that beer can help you to treat dandruff.  How it can help treat dandruff is because it is high in vitamin B and yeast. All you need to do is rinse your hair with one or two bottles of beer at least three times a week to get rid of that dandruff and maintain shiny and soft hair.  It will be even better for you if you love the smell of beer.

7. It can strengthen your bones

Drinking beer can be beneficial for your bone health. It contains a certain amount of silicon which is good for your bones. Not only calcium is good for your bones, okay?

Research shows that people who drink one or two glasses of beer than people who do not drink have higher bone density. It is shown that these people are also less prone to bone fractures.

But wait, don’t drink too much! It is also found that people who drink more than two glasses of beer can have an increased risk of bone fractures. Which is why these health benefits only apply when you drink in moderation.

8. Protect against Alzheimer’s disease

The last benefit of drinking beer is that it can protect you from the Alzheimer’s disease.

The silicon found in beer is thought to protect the brain from the harmful effects of high amounts of aluminium in the body, which is one of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s.

Not only that, Xanthohumol, a compound found in beer, could help protect brain cells from oxidative damage associated with dementia.

Though beer has many health benefits, it is important to note that drinking too much beer can also lead to serious health complications, like alcohol poisoning. Remember, take all things in moderation, and you will reap all the intended benefits. 

Vickie Ng

Vickie Ng

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