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Everyone suffers from dark circles and puffy eyes. Who does not? Dark circles make you look old, tired, and unhealthy. It adds on more years... Dark circles remedy

Everyone suffers from dark circles and puffy eyes. Who does not? Dark circles make you look old, tired, and unhealthy. It adds on more years to your appearance than wrinkles and grey hair.


Main causes of dark circles

1. Nasal congestion

When we think of dark circles, we usually jump to the conclusion that lack of sleep is the cause of it. Although sleep deprivation does cause dark circles, it is not the main cause of dark circles. The true culprit behind those dark circles under our eyes is actually nasal congestion.

Those who suffers from sinuses are more prone to dark circles. So what happens is that when our nose is blocked, the vein which drains from your eyes into your nose swells up, causing the veins to dilate and darken, giving the appearance of dark circles.

So those suffering from catching a cold would usually get dark circles under the eyes.


2. Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyes also contributes to the appearance of dark circles.

The blood vessels around our eyes are tiny and break easily. When our eyes are irritated and itchy from the flu or various reason, we tend to rub our eyes to alleviate the annoying itch. What you do not know that this can break the tiny vessel around our eyes, causing our eyes to bruise and forming dark circles around our eyes.

Constant rubbing also causes the pigmentation around your skin to darken.


3. Lack of sleep

Not getting enough sleep? That causes dark circles as well. Lack of sleep causes your skin to appear paler, and it enhances the appearance of dark circles, making it more obvious.

Try to get ample sleep, and it will help in controlling those dark under eyes. If not, you may end up like this student over here.


4. Too much water

Water might be good for your body, but drinking too much at night can cause the fluid in our eyes to build up, causing puffy eyes.


Of course, genetics play a role in the cause of dark circles as well. Dark circles can appear when in your childhood and is often inherited as a trait from your parents. 

Other factors

There are also other factors that can contribute to dark circles such as stress, crying, age, lifestyle, and diet. In some rare cases, dark circles could also be a sign of serious medical illness such as liver problems.

How to get rid of dark eye circles

1. Cucumber

Remember those movies where we see women applying cucumber slices on their eyes and spa advertisements where cucumber slices are also shown to be applied on the eyes? There is a reason behind it. Cucumber slices are cooling, and hydrating. They have skin lightening and astringent properties which help to alleviate dark circles.

The cooling agent of the cucumber also helps to constrict the blood vessels in the eye, minimising swelling in the vessels.

2. Raw potato


Interestingly enough, potato contains natural bleaching agents that can lighten dark circles and reduce the excess puffiness in your eyes.

Grate some chilled potatoes and soak a cotton ball in the juices and apply it to your dark circles.

3. Tomatoes

Tomato is also another natural bleaching vegetable that lightens the skin effectively. Apply tomato juice around your eyes to help reduce those bad boys.

4. Massage your face


Another tip you can use for reducing dark circles is giving yourself a facial message. By massaging your skin, it actually works the facial muscle and providing smoother blood flow around your face.

5. Cooled tea bags

The next time you finish a cup of tea, do not throw them away. Instead, take them out and chill them in the chiller. Once chilled, you can then apply them on your under eyes to help alleviate the dark circles. Cooled tea bags will help control the swelling and discolouration in your under eyes.

So you can also enjoy a cup of tea while reducing your dark circles at them same time. Two bird with one stone.


6. Reduce salt intake

Your diet also plays an important role when it comes to dark circles. Try to be more careful and watch your salt intake the next time you have your meal. Salty foods cause extreme bloat, so when you cut these out, your skin will be able to rest easy without puffing up.

Too much salt intake can also cause high blood pressure. It is a good thing to reduce it, both for your body and dark eye circles.

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