What yoga can do to your body What yoga can do to your body
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of yoga? When we think of yoga, we would probably imagine... What yoga can do to your body

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of yoga? When we think of yoga, we would probably imagine an image of someone doing crazy, crazy poses that are almost unimaginably hard to perform.


Yoga is simply amazing. The different poses in yoga provide us with many health benefits to our body. There are many people who are crazy about yoga. The main reason why they do yoga is simply because it helps to relax their mind, body, and soul, especially after a long day at work that is filled with stress, deadlines, annoying bosses, ridiculous customers, and pretty much anything that can give you nightmares for seven nights straight.

Still not convinced? Well, this is what yoga can do to your body.

1. Increases flexibility

When we say increase flexibility, we do not mean it in a way so that you can bend like a snake. It would be cool but, no. That is not what it is.

Because yoga focuses on stretching your body and your muscles, it actually increases the flexibility of your body by working on different joints of the body, even ones that are not stimulated during regular exercise. It can lubricate and exercise the joints, ligaments, and tendons of a person’s body. It also lessens joint pains.

Apart from working your joints, it also helps strengthen the muscle and the joints. Yoga is used to treat and avoid back pain. It works in a way that it helps to strengthen your lower back and abs. Hey, you even get to achieve a better posture. To add on to that, it also improves your range of hip motions that will help reduce lower back pain.

2. Works your body internally

Wow, so all your organs can exercise inside of you now! Cool right? No, we are just kidding.

Yoga is perhaps the only exercise in the world that massages your internal organs, including those that hardly do any work when you exercise normally. This helps by keeping diseases away from us and also provides us with a forewarning to any health diseases or disorders.

3. Detoxes your body

Detox? Now, who would not like that?

Yes, yoga can help to detox the body. As yoga stretches the muscles and joints in your body, it also ensures blood flow to various part of your body. This flushes toxins out of your body. It will also delay aging and gives you more energy.

4. Stress management

Yoga helps to reduce the stress that we face on a daily basis, be it mental stress or physical stress. As mentioned, yoga stretches the joints and the muscles in your body. This helps to relax the body muscle and alleviate stress.

Yoga also relaxes the body and the mind by using breathing and relaxation techniques to reduce the harmful effects of stress on our body.

5. Aids in weight loss

Weight loss! Even better. We are sure every human being out there would love some weight loss tips. Great news: Yoga aids in weight loss!

Yoga prepares the mind and the body for weight loss. The relaxation technique in yoga is proven to aid in successful weight loss. The more relaxed you are, the better you can control eating between meals. Yoga stimulates glands that produce hormones which increase metabolism. With a high metabolism rate, it will be easier to work off those excess fats as the calorie burning process is higher now.

The best part? Yoga can tone and fortify all your muscle. HERE COMES THAT BEACH BODY!

6. Spiritual benefits

Yoga helps one reach into their inner self. It helps an individual gain confidence and a higher self-esteem about themselves.

Yoga is also a form of meditation as it practices slow breathing. It relaxes the mind the body by bringing calmness to the mind. Yoga also reduces anxiety and tension which helps us deal with situations in life in a steady and calm manner. The music in yoga also helps calm the mind and the body.

As you practice yoga, you will gain contentment with your place in life and accept yourself for who you are as a person.


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